Looking for a professional photographer to capture your growing family?


Jesica has been photographing bellies and babies for over 15 years. With well over 1000 newborns photographed, you can rest assured that your little one will be in great hands during your newborn or baby session.


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A fun, quirky & experienced photog to capture your growing family.


Everyone always asks me how I got into photographing babies, and honestly it wasnt something I had planned to do. I actually went to school to be a nurse and half way through the program I decided that it wasnt for me. Soon after, I got married and two years later had our first son. As with many parents, everything he did warrented documetation. I have thousands and thousands of pictures of him from just his first year.

Somewhere around the time I was expecting our second child, my husband came home with a new shiny camera and the journey began. That camera would now be 13 years old. And although I no longer have it, I do credit it for instilling the love of photography in me and launching me on such a wonderful journey.

We went on to have one more little one bringing the count up to 3. Our home is always filled with crazy and fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



My dream super power:
time travel
In my free time I like to:

ⓐ Read

ⓑ Sleep

◉ Watch Hallmark Movies

Before I die I want to:

ⓐ Skydive

◉ Travel the world

ⓒ Swim with sharks

My favorite band:
Currently listening to Ed Sheeran
My dream vacation:

◉ Somewhere tropical

ⓑ Cityscape & skylines

ⓒ Deep in the mountains

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